by Lina Stalyte

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STALYTE EP are 6 songs from EP album STALYTE


released June 1, 2016

Lina Stalyte, chant
Laurent Marode, piano
Nicholas Thomas, vibraphone
Fabricio Nicholas, basse
Grégory Serrier, batterie

Recorded - Studio MidiLive, Paris
Ingénieur du son Samuel Navel


all rights reserved



Lina Stalyte Paris, France

Chanteuse de jazz, Lina Stalyte est l’auteur d’un nouvel EP jazz-soul éponyme, Stalyte, paru en 2016. Pour les six titres qui composent cet opus, Lina Stalyte s’est nourrie de voyages et d’influences musicales, empruntées au jazz, à la nu-soul et à la pop. Un amour fou de la note juste, mêlé à des réminiscences du folklore lituanien, offre un opus raffiné et groovy. ... more


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Track Name: The Story
The story hasn’t finished
How can I look at you once I meet you again?
What we will say to each other
Will we pretend that we haven’t even met?
What is this spectacle for?
I like new scenarios, new discoveries, people as jewelleries
To meet, get to know
Let the time build the friendship
Is there some decision that you took and you haven’t shared with me?

I just feel a little bit sad about your silence
Even if it doesn’t mean what I think
I don’t wanna let this chaos in my heart and my mind
Even if it’s already there

Even if I need I’ll say goodbye to you
But what I wanted was to know you enough
Just to honestly wish you a good luck on your world trip, baby

Romances come and go
But the brothership of soul
That’s what counts for me
That’s what I wanted to meet you
That’s why I wanted to know you
To build something for what I could
Let myself to, let myself to miss you
Even if you said I should do that
Not expect, oh no, you to come back
Let it go, let affection go
You said that nothing’s permanent in today’s word
Track Name: My bed
All I need for today is to lie in my bed
Listen for the windows open, ocean breezes outside
In my bed I can simply progress and regress
Well you know I could finish marrying my bed

But I can’t lay like this no more
I gotta wake up and go to school
My mom is downstairs; she’s calling my name
She’s telling me that my taxi is already there…but

Even in my dreams
In my precious dreams
I can’t lay no more
I can hardly move

All i need for today is to do anything
Listen for the windows open, ocean breezes outside
In my bed i can simply progress and regress
Well you know i could finish marrying my bed. But...

I can make you sandwiches I can make you tea.
I can make a massage for you I can dress you up.
Just please go to school and don’t put me into depression.
Don’t forget your obligations don’t forget your limitations
You’re a minor you’re a child
Just please go to school, just please go to school

So I stay like this forever
And I smile in my bed
What could I do?
If only I could choose,
Well I would do the same
Track Name: Vakarams
Sunset you are my king, you’re gently coming to me
You embrace me with the sound of see and the boats
Wash my soul; let me dive in your divinity

Lasas vakaru saulei
Ziezirbas glostanti
Akmenu juros

Pinasi, liejasi, gludina,
Glumina smeli
Valciu sunkumais

Vakarams einant i paslepta pradzia,
Grumiasi melis ir duzenos lietum,
Vakarams einant i paslepta pradzia,
Grumiasi melis ir duzenos lietum

Medzio silkverpiais issiputusi,
Risasi kasa i melynuma
Aidi, lyg mindomas stiklas lietvamzdzio garsais
Kaktusu dygliuose
Track Name: Enjoy My Day
If you feel that you're lonely
And in life you have no one
You’re depressed and sad
Don’t worry it won’t last for long

If you think that like in life
you do so many mistakes
nothing’s going as fast
As you expect it to be

There is no one who makes it always right
I don’t care; I stop obsessions, all right!
And I enjoy my day, enjoy my day, enjoy my day
Enjoy my day enjoy my day

If your boss criticize you
From the morning to the night
Too much pressure
And way too little free time

Don't forget family and friends
They love you so
Take your phone make a call
Show them that you really care x2

Just don’t forget that
Track Name: Je Parle Japonais
Il y a des jours où tu ne me comprends pas.
Il y a des jours où on ne parle pas.
Il y a des jours où je ne veux rien te dire
il y a des jours où j'ai envie d’partir.

Car je ne parle pas français, je parle japonais 2x

Tu es venu vers moi à minuit et tu m’as fais un grand sourire
Je me méfie de toi, je vois ce que tu veux de moi.
Tu me parle la langue de signes, pour toi c'est plus facile,
Tu me rends un peu lunaire, je veux rompre cette affaire.

Des histoires d’amour, ça se termine toujours un peu mal
2 cœurs blessés, on n’arrive même pas à parler.
Je mène ma vie comme je le sens, toi, tu veux tout changer
Les différences nous éloignent mais on finit par s'embrasser.

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